赛斯纳涡轮增压天巷182 JT-A™飞机完成生产下线首飞


WICHITA, Kan., May 22, 2013 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announces the first production flight of its Turbo Skylane 182 JT-A took place yesterday at the company’s facility in Independence, Kan. The aircraft has the distinction of being the first modern single engine aircraft powered by a piston engine specifically designed to run on Jet-A fuel.

美国堪萨斯州维奇塔,2013年5月22日—— 德事隆集团(纽约证交所代码:TXT)旗下赛斯纳飞机公司宣布其涡轮增压天巷182 JT-A飞机生产下线首次飞行昨日在公司位于堪萨斯州独立城完成。该款飞机不同寻常,它是首款新型的单发飞机——由一台经专门设计的采用航空煤油燃料的活塞发动机提供动力。


“The Turbo Skylane JT-A performed just as expected,” said Cessna senior test pilot Dale Bleakney. “The weather conditions were fantastic, and we took the turbo 182 up for what turned out to be a very normal first flight. We flew for 2.3 hours, achieved a flight level of 8,000 feet, and attained a true air speed of 158 kts. We brought it in and did some takeoffs and landings, and everything went as expected.”

“涡轮增压的182 JT-A飞机性能和我们预期的一致,”赛斯纳高级试飞员Dale Bleakney称。“当天天气很好,我们驾驶182飞机升空,首次飞行非常顺利。我们飞行了2小时18分左右,飞行高度达到了8000英尺(约2438米),真空速达到了158节(约293千米/时)。我们完成了一些起飞和落地,飞机表现和预期的一致。”


“This Cessna aircraft is in the unique position to change the way single-engine pilots approach flight planning due to the aircraft’s incredible performance envelope,” said Jodi Noah, Cessna’s senior vice president of single engine/propeller aircraft. “The Turbo Skylane JT-A is evidence that Cessna is committed to delivering the groundbreaking fuel solution that general aviation customers have been seeking for a long time.”

“这款赛斯纳飞机定位独特,它优异的性能包线将改变单发飞行员飞行计划的方式,”赛斯纳飞机公司单发/螺旋桨飞机项目高级副总裁Jodi Noah称“182 JT-A飞机表明赛斯纳致力于利用突破性的燃料方案解决通用航空客户长期以来的诉求。”


“The JT-A is the result of years or hard work put in by our engineering, research, and manufacturing teams,” said Jeff Umscheid, business leader for the Cessna 172, 182 and 206 model aircraft. “This is groundbreaking in that it is the first aircraft powered by a diesel engine specifically designed for aviation. Operators will find many surprising advantages with the JT-A, and pilots will enjoy the lower workload. Add to this the benefit of being able to fuel it with a much cheaper, more available fuel anywhere in the world and it’s not difficult to see why the JT-A is in such demand.”

“182 JT-A飞机下线是公司工程、研发和制造团队多年不懈工作的结晶,”赛斯纳飞机公司172、182和206飞机项目高管Jeff Umscheid称“这一重大突破在于它是首款由一台专门设计的航空煤油发动机提供动力。运营商将感受到诸多采用JT-A的优势,同时飞行员的工作负荷又得以减轻。锦上添花的是其采用更经济、更易获得的航空煤油作为燃料,因此JT-A飞机恰逢其时。”


Industry observers have noted a looming fuel issue for general aviation in most parts of the world. Avgas is typically used to fuel most single engine aircraft, but the fuel is becoming scarce, expensive, and even unavailable in many parts of the world. With the advent of a single engine craft designed to run on the much more common Jet-A fuel, operators can now access many more parts of the world without worrying about the unpredictable availability and price of increasingly scarce avgas.



The Safran-made SMA engine in the Turbo Skylane JT-A is engineered specifically for aviation. It uses only 11 gallons per hour of the typically lower-cost Jet-A fuel at the estimated maximum cruise speed of 156 knots. The 227 horsepower engine will offer customers increased range or payload capacity without sacrificing performance. Flight at the maximum cruise speed demonstrates greater fuel efficiency, and it is expected to burn approximately 30 percent to 40 percent less fuel than comparable avgas engines.

182 JT-A飞机上采用的由Safran赛峰公司制造的SMA发动机是专用航空发动机。在其最大航速156节(约289千米/时)时其航煤油耗仅仅是11加仑/时,极其经济。发动机达227马力,用户航程和业载能力都将提升而同时又不损失性能。


The Turbo Skylane JT-A has a seating capacity for four and an estimated range at max cruise speed of 1,025 nautical miles (1,893 kilometers). The certified ceiling will be 20,000 feet (6,096 meters). The Garmin G1000 avionics suite is pilot-friendly and highly-functional, bringing great levels of situational awareness to the cockpit. The engine diagnostics are shown on the primary and multi-function flight displays. Fuel capacity is 87 useful gallons (329 liters), with an estimated useful load of 1,018 pounds (462 kilograms). For more information on the Turbo Skylane JT-A, please visit Cessna.com, call +86-10-6568-8189, or email infochina@cessna.com.

182 JT-A飞机可载4人,最大航速时的航程达到1025海里(1893千米)。取证升限是20000英尺(6096米)。航电系统Garmin G1000系统容易操纵、功能丰富,提供高度的驾驶舱情景意识。发动机诊断功能整合在主飞行显示器和多功能飞行显示器中。燃油容量达到87有效加仑(329升),预计有效载荷达1018磅(462千克)。如需了解赛斯纳182 JT-A飞机的详细信息,请访问Cessna.com,或致电010-88820283/85/87,或电邮至info@ptesystems.com。



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